Flare Tip Inspection

FLIR Drone Flare Tip Inspection & Quantifying GHG Emissions with Mantis™

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KVR Energy provides word-class Optical Gas Imaging Services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) with high definition thermal imaging from Teledyne FLIR. Our drone inspection service collects vital data without interrupting production to anaylze flare tips. By utilizing this service we can quickly identify issues and suggest solutions to efficiently resolve them.

Therefore, drone flare inspections can easily avoid human risks, unscheduled shutdown and analyze facility production.

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We are also pleased to inform you of our latest partnership with Providence Photonics, introducing to the Caribbean VISR (Video Imaging Spectro-Radiometry) with Mantis™ Flare Monitor.

Providence Photonics specializes in the development and utilization of advanced technology in the field of optical gas imaging while tackling some of the industry’s most challenging environmental and safety problems. Using patented technology, advanced computer vision techniques, and state-of-the-art infrared single and multi-spectral imagers, we deliver the solution of Continuous Flare Monitoring & Quantification of Green House Gas Emissions with Mantis™.

The Problem?

KVR Energy understands that it has been a long-standing technological challenge to monitor the combustion efficiency of industrial flares. Because a flare combusts waste gases in open air, conventional emission monitoring instruments cannot be utilized. Now more than ever it has become critical to quantify and track greenhouse gas emissions constantly.

The current practice is to monitor flow and composition of gases sent to the flare and assume combustion efficiency based on these indirect measurements (surrogate parameters). Recent studies have shown that these indirect methods have significant uncertainties, resulting in under- or over-regulating affected facilities.

The Solution!

Now we introduce Providence Photonics, which has met this technological challenge by developing an innovative flare monitoring device we call Mantis™. This patented technology utilizes Video Imaging Spectro-Radiometry (VISR) to provide unprecedented capabilities for direct, remote, and continuous flare monitoring and quantifying Green House Gas Emissions of the flare. The Mantis™ VISR flare monitor can be installed anywhere from 100 to 1000 feet from the flare and will continuously and autonomously monitor flare performance metrics, including:

  • Combustion Efficiency (CE)
  • Smoke Index (SI)
  • Flame Stability (FS)
  • Flame Footprint (FF)
  • Heat release (HR)
  • Quantified Carbon Dioxide & Unburnt Gas Emissions

Now you will have the ability for measuring, reporting, and verifying greenhouse gas reductions, as Mantis™ VISR will play a role in shifting towards a low-carbon economy with carbon credits.

System Features

  • Continuous, autonomous flare monitoring
  • Remote monitoring up to 1,000 feet from the flare
  • Streaming data available at one-second intervals
  • Streaming colorized video of flame for visual
    indication of CE and smoke level
  • Modbus TCP industrial interface for integration
    with DCS and closed loop operations
  • Optional Flare Dashboard User Interface with data
    visualization features
  • Monitor multiple flares with single Mantis™ system

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Call +1868-293-3547 or Email info@kvrel.com